Waste Management Techniques
60-65% of the total garbage consists of organic waste which is biodegradable. Organic waste comprises leaves, vegetables, fruits and most of the domestic waste etc. It can be segregated from the whole bunch of waste. Then it is laid in multiple layers. After blending an organic solution in these layers, this heap of garbage starts getting decomposed after 15 days. After about 40-50 days, this decomposed material is laid down for drying. And after filtration this dried material converts into Organic manure.

An airy structure of brick is core of this technique. Biodegradable waste laid in multiple layers on this structure. Rest of the method is same as in General Composting. But it reduces the number of days in decomposing from 40-50 to 30-35.

This technique is used to get solid as well as liquid organic manure. The spray of Liquid manure is very effective for healthy growth of plants, vegetables, flowers, and many other agriculture produce. Drums are used in this technique. It also reduces the number of decomposing days. About 12-15 days are ideal for decomposing.

See the growth of flowers when Liquid manure used on the plants of Hotel Vivek, Gorakhpur, U.P., India.